Like many of the last few weeks, I have been trying to straddle the real anxieties of being a freelance artist, being a mother, being a part of organisations trying to support artists, and being a human being who frankly just wants a hug...

Don’t forget- 2020 grads- email in to submit yourself for the next 2020 graduation showcase.

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This is simply incorrect @RishiSunak. Many self employed freelancers likely won't be working until next year. We need the self employment scheme extended. We need urgent funding for the theatre industry. You said 'whatever it takes'.
This is what it takes.

Fellow directors- I had the best time working on this. Get involved if you can you won't regret it. @StageDirectors

James Phillips @NSDFest explains why young theatre companies will lead the way forward for the rest of us, and how the National Student Drama Festival is nurturing student collectives to take their next steps

An essential read - and warning - from Sonia Friedman: "Imagine the next six months. One by one, our arts and cultural organisations will have to spend their reserves until there is nothing left. They will have no alternative but to enter administration"

Please read: An open letter to theatre and performance makers - Exeunt Magazine

@clopalmer @ClubCoronavirus Well done- can't wait to see the development of spies! Keep doing what you do. X

You’re Boring- Written by Chloe Palmer
Directed by Psyche Stott @pmcstott
As part of the 2020 Graduate Showcase @ClubCoronavirus

Come and give me a little watch live from 7pm performing a piece that I have written and directed by the ever so fabulous @pmcstott

This is going live tonight- so inspiring working with @clopalmer excited for her and what she makes next. @ClubCoronavirus making brilliant things possible.

We’re looking to evolve. Wondering where we go next with live theatre on this medium and so I’d like to put a SHOUTOUT to writers so submit short two handers. We love the monologues, but the bonnet is always up and we’re always tinkering. 😀