Psyche Stott – A bit about me

So far as a Freelance Theatre Director my work has taken me to Rome, Australia and throughout the UK enabling me to work in some of this country’s best Regional Theatres, in the West End and on National and International tours. I’ve also had the chance to direct for BBC Radio. Back in 2006 after a period as an Assistant Director in various venues and other development opportunities with the Young Vic and National Theatre, I won a Channel 4 Regional Directors Award, now known as the Regional Theatre Young Director Scheme. Winning the award enabled me to train with the remarkable team at Northern Stage with the guidance and mentoring of Erica Whyman Artistic Director and Chief Executive.
A huge privilege and highlight of my adventures so far in the world as a Director was being invited back to Northern Stage to direct their main house and national touring production; ‘Blue Remembered Hills’ for Erica’s final season following her new appointment with the RSC.

Outgoing Northern Stage Artistic Director Erica Whyman OBE, explains why she chose the play for production:

“I was very keen for Northern Stage to revive Blue Remembered Hills as it’s one of my favourite plays and speaks so directly about the struggle to be good to one another, which feels both timely and timeless. Potter’s unflinching gaze reveals these children to be both wonderfully playful and appallingly cruel – he is fascinated by truth, and one important truth the play explores is how we all put ourselves, like children, at the centre of the universe, to the detriment, at times, of our better instincts. It’s a great, delightful, even nostalgic evening in the theatre, but it is also a call to action, a kind of warning against ourselves.
Psyche is a great colleague of mine and I have very happy memories of working with her on Son of Man as we were re-opening the new Northern Stage in 2006. It feels very appropriate to have invited her back for my final season, not least because she is one of the most sensitive and thoughtful directors I know, and I’m sure she will make a beautiful and memorable production of this important play.”



Now the Regional Theatre Young Director Scheme.

Winning this Award was a life changing opportunity. Enabling me to train with the remarkable team at Northern Stage with the guidance and mentoring of Erica Whyman.

As Chief Executive Erica generously introduced me to arts leadership and immersed me in her role and responsibilities of the Chief Executive. I was able to experience the complete workings of a regional theatre from every department’s point of view. I was a part of and experienced first-hand what is involved in a national event of opening a brand new £9 million pound building and then learnt how much is involved in keeping it open! During my time I gained exposure to theatre management, financial management, contracting, fundraising, board and stakeholder relations, marketing, audience development, participation and education and stage and production management.

I was an active member of the programming team enabling me to gain skills in the practical decision making process involved in programming a building based theatre. I learned how to marry personal ambitions with the perceived needs and brand of the theatre as well as broadening my knowledge of both national and international theatre.

An invaluable time to be with Northern Stage as they re-opened their doors following their two-year £9 million refurbishment.

There were many hi-lights during my time with the company including a six week residency by Robert Lepage and his company Ex Machina developing their work in progress ‘LYPSYNCH’. Developing an Architecture and Performance proposal with Programming Associate and Designer Soutra Gilmour which led to the  contemporary artist Wang Qingsong making a piece of work with the company. Not to mention having the opportunity of exploring work in all 3 of the new performance spaces but in 4 configurations from the Epic Space ‘Son of Man’, Stage 1, ‘Our Friends in the North’, Stage 2, ‘Ruby Moon’ and Stage 3 ‘Home’ and ‘First in 3’.